I want to know a girl who wants to receive AND send letters and little knick knacks. I want to be with a girl who will curl up with me in bed and listen to the rain. Who plans to watch a TV series or movies together but instead ends up snuggling into me and talking all night… A girl who likes, or at least doesn’t DISlike PDAs, cause I’m pretty affectionate haha. A girl who will hug me from behind and slip her hands in my pockets while I cook her favourite meal.

I love writing and roadtrips and singing and dancing in the car and putting my feet up on the dash (unless I’m driving, of course haha).

I don’t have much, but I’d give her all I have.

Besides that, I’m not very good at describing myself at all, so if you want to know something, just ask!

If you like any of what I said, hmu HERE :)

Also, I’m moving to Queensland in a few months, so if you’re from there then I’d appreciate it even more if you came and said hi :P