How do I submit? How can I be on this blog?

‘SUBMIT’ icon is located on the right side of this blog. It is usually open on weekends.

Did you reject my submission? Why are you not posting my submission? How long does it take to be on the blog? Did my submission go through?

I do not reject any submission unless it’s offensive, include mature content, from deactivated account or totally not related to gwlg. However, because of the large number of submissions and posts it will take some time to be published. (should be posted within a week.) If it’s taking longer than a week then please re-submit.

Did you get my submission? Where is the link to my submission?

There is a search box on the right top of the blog and if your submission have some caption/text you can try searching with those words. or use Tumblr search on your dashboard, it works better. 

How can I be on your contributors list?

not recruiting any contributors at the moment. However if you would like to help improve this blog, please send me a message and tell me what you would like to do. I am open for any suggestions.

Can you advertise my tumblr? Can you reblog from my tumblr?

Submit ad when the submission page is open. Please do not ask me to promote your tumblr as I will not do so.

Can you delete/change my post?

If it’s been published already please send me a link and I can delete/change it for you. In ask box, put the address of link after ‘post/’.

For example if the link is


put “1035397196/freja-beha-erichsen” as tumblr does not allow you to put the direct link.

If it’s not published yet, I will not delete/change as it is very hard and very time consuming to find your post. sorry!

Can you recommend me tumblr similar to GWLG?

I made a link page for LGBTQ related tumblrs. If you want me to add your tumblr or have any suggestions let me know.

I have questions to the followers of GWLG.

Submit your question as a ‘text’ post.